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If your question is not listed, please email us at info@letsconnect.be.


Letsconnect.be does not stand still! We are constantly expanding our website with handy features that boost your online findability. Think about: Improved search function: So you can find what you are looking for faster. Extended profiles: Present your company in the best possible way. Interesting blog articles: Keep up to date with the latest trends. And that is not all! We put a lot of effort into SEO (search engine optimisation) to make Letsconnect.be even more visible in Google and other search engines. This ensures that your company is found by potential customers. Backlinks are an important part of our SEO strategy. We create valuable content that is shared on other websites, with links to your profile on Letsconnect.be. This way, you increase the authority of your website and attract more visitors. The result? More impressions for your company Greater chance of attracting new customers A strong online position Are you ready to embrace the future of online marketing? Then register now on Letsconnect.be! P.S. Don't forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates!

Any company in Belgium can register for free. If your company is already in it, you can claim it on the page itself. Click on register at the top if your company is not yet there. Fill in as much info as possible and confirm your account. Done, your company is online.

This is because someone from the company has already claimed it. You can send an email to info@letsconnect.be and we will contact you asap.

If you have a free page, it will always contain advertisements from our members. So these can only disappear if you choose one of our memberships.

We offer a paid Premium landing page with 4 tabs for additional info about your business. As a member, we promote your business in your sector. Our content calendar gives you plenty of inspiration for your social media posts. No technical knowledge? No problem. With each calendar day, we give you different designs with captions and hashtags for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagra or X (Twitter). Every month, we create tips & tricks and show what new tools can be found in the social media landscape. Whether it is with AI or tools to be more productive, we have it for you. Monthly, we also keep you updated so you don't forget anything.

Want to delete your free LetsConnect account on letsconnect.be and in the app? Then follow these simple steps: 1. Send an email Send an email to info@letsconnect.be asking to delete your account. 2. Include your details Include your full name and the details of your company in the e-mail. This way, your deletion request can be processed quickly and efficiently. 3. Wait for confirmation All account deletion requests are processed within 7 working days. You will receive a confirmation once your account and all associated personal data have been deleted. Deletion and GDPR. By following these steps, you ensure that your account on letsconnect.be and in the app is deleted in accordance with your rights under the GDPR. Your personal data will then be completely removed from the database. Any questions? Do you still have questions about deleting your account? If so, please feel free to contact LetsConnect at info@letsconnect.be .


There are 4 memberships. Essential this is free for life. The Light package: here you pay €1 per day or €365 per year. The Pro: here you pay €328 per year at once for 3 years. Ultimate: here you pay €292 per year at once for 5 years.

You can cancel a membership at any time. Your current term you will still be entitled to the extra services but on the expiry date these services will stop.

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