Become a Representative at Let's Connect

About us

About Us:

At Let's Connect, we are a young and innovative company in the field of social media marketing.
Our goal is to help independent entrepreneurs attract more clients by fostering organic growth on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
We believe in the power of networking, and that's why we're looking for enthusiastic representatives to explain our services to entrepreneurs.

Your Role:

As a representative at Let's Connect, your mission is clear: convince entrepreneurs of the benefits of our services.
This requires genuine sales skills and a 'closer' mentality.
You will be responsible for finding potential clients through cold calling, door-to-door visits, and networking. Obtaining references also plays a vital role in your success.

Your Part

Work on Your Terms:

At Let's Connect, we understand the importance of flexibility.
That's why our representatives work on a self-employed basis and have the freedom to choose their own hours.
We not only offer attractive commissions and bonuses but also the opportunity to define your own success.

What We're Looking For:

To work with us, you must not only be knowledgeable about social media but also be a real talker.
We're looking for people passionate about sales and determined to achieve results.


Our Culture:

At Let's Connect, we love to have fun.
Outside of work hours, we enjoy each other's company over a drink and engaging in fun activities.
Our company culture is informal and innovative.

How to Apply:

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, send an email to our Sales Director, Wannes Fontaine, at
He will be happy to schedule an appointment with you and provide the necessary training.


Looking for a Student Job?

We also offer students the opportunity to work with us, but on a student job basis.
Contact us for more information on this opportunity.

At Let's Connect, we believe in the potential of our representatives and students.
Join our team and help entrepreneurs grow in the world of social media marketing.