Our Story

Our founders, who entered the sector by opening a fast food restaurant in Leicester, England in 1996, continued their activities by opening 17 different branches in cities such as Northampton, Rugby, Hinckley, Leamingthon SPA in England. Our company founders, who realized the lack of fried chicken products in Turkey in 2010, decided to move their activities to Turkey with the MAKFRY brand.

As a result of long-lasting R&D studies, Makfry filled the gap in the sector with 100% domestic production by completing the R&D of the paneling products, which is the second important raw material of Fried Chicken, while making the patented production of the pressure fryers required to produce Fried Chicken. MAKFRY GROUP, which produces the necessary equipment and food products for making Fried Chicken, expands its products in the Fried Chicken market with the Chitır Chicken restaurant chain brand, and continues to offer new products, taking into account the other deficiencies of the sector with its ongoing R&D studies.

Today, Chitir Chicken continues with firm steps towards becoming a world brand with 70 branches in 17 countries. As Chitir Chicken family, we continue to provide profitable investment opportunities to our customers with our quality and delicious products.

As CHITIR CHICKEN management, we provide continuous support to our investors from the location selection, installation, opening and post-opening.

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