Slagerij Traiteur Jasperse

Dorp 42, 2310 Rijkevorsel, België

Belgians are Burgundians, when it comes to good food. 

It's in our genes, it's in our culture. So, good news for the inhabitants of Rijkevorsel and its surroundings because Rijkevorsel has become an icon in the field of delicacies.
In our workshop and with a professional team, we prepare fresh, healthy and delicious products every day.
We attach importance to craftsmanship, radiate passion for our profession and attach great importance to animal welfare.
Our vision is clear, "We want to return to the real taste and quality of the past ".
Therefore it is important that we are very close to our breeders, we cut and bone our meat ourselves in order to give the best quality to our customers.
We offer a wide range of home-made charcuterie and prepared dishes.
Providing the same smile, the same service and of course the same quality every day, that is our mission.... Passion for our craft, our products and the customers, that's all we need. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and that we may welcome you to our totally renewed store.

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