The bakery in Brasschaat is the heart of Manus. Here we work 24 hours every day to process all bread, chocolate and patisserie in our workshops.

At patisserie Manus in Brasschaat we always try to be innovative, with first choice fresh products and our articles with great precision. Every day everything comes fresh in the morning in the bakery in Brasschaat.

The range of bread, patisserie, chocolate, ice cream and many other delicacies are all prepared in-house with the highest quality raw materials and fresh ingredients. This is mainly necessary to maintain the name earned through hard work.

In this way, innovative products are thought of every day to meet the needs of the most critical and demanding customer. You ask us the question and we try to work it out. As you could read it elsewhere: in our various departments miracles are performed to order and a miracle is also possible, although this will take a little more time.

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