More than 25 years ago, Mike Vlasman passionately opened restaurant De Peerdestal, located a stone's throw from Antwerp's bustling Grote Markt and enchanting Hendrik Conscienceplein. 🏰🌆

With his irresistible love for quality dishes, eye for atmosphere and spontaneous hospitality, Mike has turned De Peerdestal into a true culinary treasure in the heart of Antwerp. 🍲🍷

Step inside and discover an interior that plays with diverse materials, warm colours and eye-catching eye-catchers. Different compartments create intimate spaces where everyone has a view of the bustling, semi-open kitchen. 🍴🔥

At De Peerdestal, a warm welcome and friendly service are key. Here you will not only enjoy a top evening in conviviality, but also an unforgettable culinary experience. 🌟✨

Join us in celebrating this milestone of gastronomic pleasure, where conviviality, good food and pure enjoyment go hand in hand! 🥂🎂 #DePeerdestal #Antwerp #CulinaryJubilee #QualityFood #JollityTrump



Lekker eten, veel verschillende dry aged vleesjes op de menu. Vriendelijke bediening. Eerlijke prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Top!