Bakkery Joeri Lokeren (Bokslaarstraat)

Bokslaarstraat 61, 9160 Lokeren, België

Bakker Joeri is an artisanal baker who delivers the best quality every day. In our stores you will find an extensive range of bread, pastries & patisserie.

For almost 20 years, our pastries and cakes have been making your breakfast or lunch a feast.

For your party we have a variety of pastries, patekes and cakes.

Come and enjoy our sandwiches.

Wiels Joeri

In our bakeries you will find a wide range of breads, with something for everyone.

Classic white bread, wholemeal or multigrain… but you will also find spelled bread with us. In short: spoiled for choice!

Come by and taste our delicious freshly prepared bread.

FC the champion bread

a light brown bread full of grains and seeds, including green pumpkin seeds and yellow corn flakes

Multicroc (600g)

a tasty roll, very rich in grains and seeds, with a soft crumb and crispy crust

Pump (600g)

a light multigrain bread, enriched with barley, corn and broken

Speckle bread (600g)

a light multigrain bread, the white crumb is "speckled" by the many seeds and pips

Spelled bread (400g)

100% pure light brown spelled bread, with the addition of honey, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds

Black forest bread (600g)

a dark multigrain bread rich in dietary fiber, with the addition of dark malt

Swedish Multigrains (600g)

a dark multigrain bread with a soft crust, finished with a mixture of seeds

Bakery Joeri in Lokeren has been known for years for its freshly baked bread. Every night our bakers are busy preparing your daily fresh bread in a traditional way. Using top ingredients and a lot of love for the profession, we offer a wide range of breads, but also small items and patisserie.

Looking for a bakery that bakes your fresh pastries in 't Waasland? At Bakkerij Joeri you will find fresh pistolets and pastries every day.

Each piece is handmade in our bakery. Delicious crispy rolls, creamy cream and delicious chocolate… We only use the best ingredients to prepare our pistolets and pastries.

Our offer…



Pistol white

Pistol coarse

Pistolet coarse poppy seeds

Pistolet coarse sesame seeds

Coffee cakes


Butter cake raisins

Cherry cake

Special sandwiches

Visit Bakkerij Joeri and taste our delicious coffee cakes. A large part of our coffee cakes is still prepared in-house.

This is how we guarantee the freshness and delicious taste of each of our products. A big advantage over our competitors!

In addition to our delicious breads, pistolets and pastries, you will also find delicious treats such as skewered cakes, biscuits and cakes at the Joeri bakery. Something to celebrate or just treat yourself and family? Bakery Joeri guarantees a real party on the table with more than 20 years of experience in the sector!

Our offer…

Pastry (patekes and individual cakes)

Rice tartlet

Frangipane tartlet


Matte cake


chocolate ball whipped cream

Cake skewer


Rice cake


Other pastries

Would you like to order a personalized cake? Come by and discuss your wishes.
We bake photo cakes to make your cake a real eye-catcher at your party!
You will also find delicious treats at bakery Joeri during the holidays.
Our party folder will be online during the festive season,

something to look forward to during the cold winter months!

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