The Power of Planning

Today, social media is an integral part of your marketing strategy. But, let's face it, as a busy entrepreneur, you do have more to do than think up and post all day long. Therefore, planning your social media activities in advance is not a luxury, but a necessity. In this blog, we dive into the world of social media planning and discover why it is so crucial to your success.

Say you suddenly fall ill but realise that no posts are ready for the coming week. That's a shame, of course, because consistency in your online presence builds trust with your target audience. Moreover, it also boosts your visibility.

By planning your posts ahead, you ensure a steady flow of content, so your followers know what to expect from you. This contributes to higher engagement and also gives your message a greater chance of being seen. Planning and readying in large volume really has a lot of advantages.

"But then I'm spending a whole day on social media?"

Absolutely right! But, by setting up a schedule, you can prepare and schedule several posts at once. This already saves you the daily brainstorming session. Moreover, it is much more convenient to work in volume. That way, you keep precious time to spend on other important aspects of your business.

Think of it as spending one afternoon cooking all your meals for the whole week.

"So how can I still keep up with the trends?"

Well actually, pre-planning just makes this easier. It gives you the flexibility to strategically capitalise on trends or events, just because your basic content is already in place. You just post extra. That way, you stay relevant and can participate in trends that your target audience likes.

You also don't have to stick to just your scheduled content at all. If you want to share something quickly, do it via stories. Coincidentally working on a fun project or had an incredibly sweet review? Just share it. More content is always welcome, although several fixed posts a day are not really appreciated by the algorithms. Even for stories, it is best to think about the quantity. It's okay to be quiet for a few days, your most important content is already there.

"Should I plan far ahead?"

That's entirely up to you, but 6-8 weeks is a good start. Also remember not to wait until you run out of content to start planning again. Make sure you always keep up. Going on holiday? Then definitely don't forget to cover that time well in advance either. Solo entrepreneur? Then you might want to give some notice of your absence.

Heading to the sun for a week? Then make sure you've already provided content for at least the full working week after your return. Of course, 'more' is always better.


For entrepreneurs, planning social media activities ahead is a smart strategy that not only contributes to a stronger online presence, but also to a healthier work-life balance. By investing time and effort in thoughtful planning, you ensure consistent, relevant and optimised interaction with your target audience, while staying in control of your time and resources. Start planning your social media today and take a big step towards the success of your business.